Thursday, November 10, 2005

Karen Loren Agustin: Beauty to Behold

Who would have thought that my friend dates a Beauty Queen???

Around September 2005, as i was eating in McDonalds-La Salle i saw a friend who had this girl hanging around her. I then noticed that the girl with my friend was Karen Loren Agustin. Well, I was shocked and did whatever that I can to get the attention of my friend. He then approched me and I asked him if that is really Karen. He said yes and I was dazzled. I then forced him to make me "pakilala" to her! Of course, I was a little shy... Just a Little... hehehe. My friend then introduced Karen to me and Oh Gurl! she was really nice. We had a little chat and then we bid our goodbyes...

Karen Loren Agustin
Binibining Pilipinas - Universe 2002

Karen was not really a favorite during the prelims of Binibing Pilipinas. She was noted to be an underdog. And indeed she was. Because she proved everybody that she is fit for a Queen. She bagged Binibining Pilipinas - Universe 2002! Thanks to her mentor Rodgil Flores...

Karen Competed in Miss Universe around May that year. She was only 19 and was very enthusiastic about the pageant. She presented a Terno for her national costume and glided with a red peak-a-boo gown by Alfredo Barraza. She did well and the preliminaries and ended up 17th over-all.

Karen presented our Country well in the Miss Universe pageant. She is currently working for John Robert Powers International and is helping out Beauty Queens reach their dreams. her most current achievement was the win of Precious Lara Quigaman, Miss International 2005.

Good Luck Karen to your future endeavors!

Friday, November 04, 2005

What's up? Wazzup?

Lately I've been really busy...

Ako kasi ang nag floor director ng Mr. and Ms. Engineering 2005! hehehe :-)

Last last Saturday, we had our picture taking (first batch) and yung second batch nung last last tuesday. Masaya yung mga contestants. They're nice and may reason talaga bawat isa kung bakit sila yung sinali. Hopefully, I can post their pics here sa blog ko one of this days.

Anyways, ako yung in charge sa lahat-lahat. From walking, standing and speaking. So I decided to ask for the help of my beloved friends. Si Jiggs ang nagcoreograph ng opening number while Gela provided us with the idea for the segments. Syempre oversee ako and in charge of other matters such as Judges, Prizes, Sounds, Rooms, etcetera! Syempre yung mga totoong organizer yung kasama ko. Sila Robert and Cor... hehehe

Masaya magorganize ng mga events specially pag gusto mo yung event itself. So narealize ko na baka pwede sigurong maging work ko na ito. So by January, I'll apply sa mga events group as a partimer siguro. Im excited, thrilled and nervous.

Yun lang! I'll post the pics of the candidates here by next week. Hopefully...

Thursday, October 27, 2005

What to do... where to go...

Lately, I've been doing lot of things. First the Santugon Week. Although Im not an organizer or anything, support pa din ako. Next is Mr. and Ms. Eng. Sobrang busy sobrang gulo... Pero ok naman na siya. And of course my OJT.

Before, I was thinkin dapat magwork na ako sa January kasabay ng review ko for board pero napapaisip ako lately. Parang gusto kong magtry ng ibang bagay. Like, working for a magazine (I have a contact na), doing part-time for an events group (may contact na pero malabo), doing business (with friends) o kahit ano. I realized, hindi ako employee material. My gawd, Im so bored sa office. So my final decision is to review for board during MTThF 8-12 then I'll do some work sa ibang hours... The problem is what work? This I have to find out.

Bakit ba ako napapaisip? Kasi i realized na dapat hindi din ako nalilimit sa course ko. I can say na may ibubuga naman ako sa pagoorganize so I'll probably try that one first. Medyo mahilig din ako sa fashion kaya I'll do that too...

As of now, I have plans but they're malabo o magulo...

Thursday, October 13, 2005

Ohh Jay Tee?!?

Four weeks ago, our OJT adviser Mr. Ongpeng e-mailed me through our OJT yahoogroup that my unlce's company isn't allowed to have me as an OJT trainee. I was quite sad at that time because it means that wala na akong kikitain from my uncle (which is quite malaki)... hehehe... so then, mayroon naman akong isang blockmate na an-absorb ng Ayala Land na nakabasa nung e-mail. He immediately texted me if interested daw ako mag-OJT sa Ayala Land (or ALI for short-Ayala Land Inc.). I said yes and he scheduled an interview for me that afternoon and ewan ko kung anong nangyari, I started the following day.

Ayala Tower One, Ayala Triangle, Ayala Avenue --- Hindi naman ako adik sa Ayala noh... I am stationed sa 28th floor. Sosyal. Kasi sa floor na yan mga ibang level na. Yung bang pagdating mo kinabukasan linis na yung mga gamit mo, pwedeng magpatimpla ng kape, pwedeng magutos sa baba, pwedeng magutos ng xerox. As in dream office ba. Unlimited internet, yung boss ko may laptop na may desktop pa (both from ALI). Sosyal...

Youngest ata?!? Siya yung contractual na baguhan pa lang. Siguro i can say she's my closest kasi halo same age range saka we're both from San Beda. Ako HS siya Masters.
Miss Tetchie
Siya yung secretary talaga sa mga boss namin. She's nakakatakot sa simula pero she's nice once you get to know her.
Sarah and Grace
Besides kay Ardee sila yung nakakasama ko sa lunch. Cool people din kahit mas may edad na sakin. Hehehe
Ngayong wala ang boss ko sa kanya ata magrereport. Para siyang subordinate ata nung boss ko. Though wala naman siya pinapagawa kaya kay Miss Tetchie pa rin ako nagrereport. Hehehe
Probably the cutest sa office. Hehehe. Semi-report din ako sa kanya. Siya ata in charge sa isang pinapagawa sakin kaya nagrereport din ako sa kanya.
Miss Marly, Sir Bong
Two of the bosses din kalevel ng boss ko. Ata?!? Mabait si Miss Marly. She always have a smile to show. Si sir Bong madalas tumawa. Hehehe
Miss Beng
Cool. Ang bait. Grabeh. Parang hindi o siya superior!!!
Sir Darwin
Eto ang boss ko. Head ng Construction Management Group. hehehe

Ang konti lang namin noh. Pero ang laki ng office namin. Actually sa kabilang side ng office may isa pang group. Pero konti lang kilala ko. Si Claudette, maganda at mabait na secretary at si Miss Edith secretary din nung mas mataas pa na boss.

Wala ako masyadong ginagawa. Kaya ako nagbloblog. Pero siguro pagbalik ng boss ko, madami na ulit. Hehehe. Masarap dito sa Ayala. Pag kinukwento nila yung benefits, grabeh parang ang saya. We even have our own Gold's Gym and its for FREE!!!

Before, I am the shadow of my b0ss. Pero ngayong wala siya at nasa ibang bansa, I am helping Miss Tetchie organize the files and make them meet the ISO. Masaya ang work. I can really say im enjoying my stay here.

Mark A. Besana
Student Trainee
Ayala Land Inc.

Monday, October 10, 2005

Congratulations Precious Lara Quigaman!

Miss International 2005 - Precious Lara Quigaman

Last March 19, 2005, candidate no. 22 of Binibining Pilipinas 2005 was crowned Binibining Pilipinas 2005-International. Sa totoo lang, medyo kinabahan ako. From previous records ng Miss International, matatangkad ang nagstastandout dito. And precious is only 5'5.5"... When it comes to speaking and walking, walang questions kay Precious. She's smart and witty, Can speak great English (Studied in UK), and has a body to die for.

Precious previously joined Binibining Pilipinas 2001. She was candidate No. 1 then. She was a crowd favorite but hindi siya nakakuha ng kahit anong award. Hindi rin siya nakapasok as a semi-finalist. It's not her year then. But this year, she re-joined and under the hands of renowned Rodgil Flores, Precious claimed victory.

Hopes are high when Precious left for Japan. Maan Bayot, last years' contender for Ms. Int'l ended the 6-year dry spell for the Philippines. And this year with Precious, a top 15 spot is almost guaranteed. But of course, she did bring home the Bacon...

1. Precious' gown was a recycled gown. It was worn by Maricar Balagtas in Ms. Universe 2004.
2. Her National Costume is also recycled. Carla Balingit wore the pineapple inspired gown in Ms. Universe 2003.

Its a shame that from the past years that Binibini have been sending delegates to international pagents, they chose the "Winning Girl" not to wear a new gown...


Ms. World is set for first week of December 2005. Hopes are again high with our candidate Carlene Ang Aguilar. Her credentials include: Miss Philippines 2001, Top 10 Ms. Earth 2001 and 2nd Runner-up Ms Chinese Intenational. Carlene was also trained by Rodgil Flores. Same trainor of Precious.

Carlene is the girlfriend of Cosmo Centerfold Bachelor Dennis Trillo

Ms. World will be chosen through public voting. 2 representatives from each continent will be chosen and 3 fast=track event winners who will complete the pool of top 15. Then the judges will decide on who is deserving to win the crown.



Tell me where it hurts...

I always treasure my friends... as in... at kung nasasaktan sila, I always try to be there to listen and to give advice... objectively...

I have this friend who broke up with his boyfriend. The guy told him that hindi na nila pwede ipagpatuloy ang relationship nila dahil sa mga bagay-bagay na mangyayari sa buhay nila for the next year... of course, my friend was hurt. Sino ba namang hindi? Pero as what normal people do, she tried to move on. Then one time a girl texted her na iwasan na yung ex nya. Nagulat ang friend ko dahil wala naman cyang ginagawa. Oo, they're still friends pero hanggang dun na lang. So what my friend did was she investigated. She looked sa friendster at kung ano-ano pa. Yun pala nalaman nya na while sila nung guy, he's still dating that girl. BTW, that girl is his ex din... Syempre nasaktan nanaman ang friend ko. Kasi ba naman habang sila, he's dating pala. I asked a guy friend if that is cheating and he said "yes". To make things worse, there is this one event where my friend's ex went to Puerto Galera. He told her that it was a Family thing. But there was one entry in her Exs' testimonial that they were together the time my friends' ex was in Puerto. To much of a cheater, to much of a liar.

Now, everyone na nakakaalam ng story nila nadudumbfound. Kasi we never expected that that guy will be like that. He's nice. So what? Nice people do have dark sides...

I don't really know what i feel for that person. Hindi ko alam kung magagalit ba ako sa kanya o maiinis or what. Basta ang alam ko sa simula't sapul pa lang, their relationship will go nowhere...

All i can say is that You're a Cheater...

Thats my two cents worth...

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Season Ender

Imagine changing your whole life...

I am...

Grabe, gragraduate na ako... after 4 years and 2 terms sa college... i can't believe im closing another chapter of my life nanaman... for everybody, ang college life ko ang pinaka masaya... hindi ko nga naimagine na ganun siya magiging kasaya...

Sa college, i finally went out of the shadow of my friends and created an image for myself... nagyon, masasabi ko nang im somebody. I may not be that good sa academics ko pero im sure I performed better that others sa extra-curriculars. I've been active sa Student Council with my friends being elected and all. Naging active din ako sa professional organization ko where im really appreciated and respected. I even got the chance to be elected as Rep ng NCR for students... wooaahhh... And syempre ang tunay na buhay ko sa college... ang Santugon. Tugon taught me too much na masyado na akong seryoso sa pagplaplano ng buhay ko. Hindi ko naisip na at one point sa buhay ko magiging ganito ako kaseryoso... hehehe

Gosh, ang daming nangyari sa akin sa college. Nandyan na yung magkaroon ng kaaway, friends, theatrical experience at mainlove. Nung first year ako at nagplaplanong magayos ng buhay at wag munang mainlove, may dumating sa buhay ko. That person made me feel so important at para bang wala na akong kailangan pa sa mundo. And then eventually, nang malaman nyang mahal ko pala siya, sinabi nyang ok sa kanya pero its not mutual. Its ok. I never really expected anything from that relationship. Besides i have my whole college life to look forward to. But when i was about to end my college, I just felt something. I have that feeling again... ayoko na. So immediately i decided to tell that person how I feel and ended it. Period. Ngayon ko lang narealize, nagstart college ko with lovelife and ended with lovelife din... wheeeheee

Currently, Im facing my future. My Career! Im going to take up my board exam and I will try to take this one seriously. Im going to be focused this time and I will do my best to make things good for me. I love Myself. That's what i learned from college. I will now end my college chapter. I know i will cry, but I will cherish every memory brought by those 4 1/2 years...

Kudos to my college days!

Monday, April 11, 2005

Y-Speak, I Speak...

Last Sunday, April 10, 2005 some people from santugon went to ABS-CBN channel 2 to watch y-speak... we went there at around 5:45 and stayed sa starbucks sa may groundfloor... my gawd, we saw Angelica Panganiban, Michelle Madrigal and Luis Manzano. Michelle was fine so was luis... but omg... si Angelica... pag tumabi ka sa kanya... mukha kang tae!!! ang ganda nya sobra! as in ibang level!!!! hahaha

then, we were fetched by the "PA" ng y-speak... we went through the audience entrance... and to my surprise! i was assigned to open the floor for the side of the yes to secrecy! hahaha though i dont believe na dapat isecret ang relationship pwede na rin... hahaha

to my surprise! it was judy ann to co-host ryan agoncillo.. its his bday kasi... ang ganda ni judy ann---ibang mundo ata cya galing... tv doesnt do justice on her....

nandun din sila mark cortez, jao mapa, tuesday vargaz, fritz infante, aiza marques, archie alemania tim yap and baby arenas! daming artista... syempre dumalaw pa si mickey feriols... hahaha

sobrang saya nung gabing yun... we ate dinner sa don henricos after and guess what? more artista... jc devera was there... he is a friend of one of my friends... hahaha... we had oru picture taken with him... hahaha.. katabi ko pa... gwapo...

hahaha what a day! i got home around 11:30....

ill try to post kagad pics namin... it wil be at